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Servicing the legalized cannabis market since 2014

It all began in the summer of 2014, several months before Measure 91 was set to be voted on by Oregon voters to legalize recreational use of cannabis. The measure was expected to pass by a landslide since the state of Oregon has always had a very tolerant view of the plant, so the phone lines at commercial real estate brokerages with access to retail and industrial space were already lighting up.

Cannabis companies were materializing out of nowhere by brave founders with friends & family capital in their pockets desperate for a space to grow, process, and eventually sell.

The green rush was on.

Flash forward to today, some of these first-movers have either sold to mid-tier consolidators or given up entirely. But many more have soldiered on - surviving oversupply issues and steep pricing drops - to build profitable, sustainable businesses. Businesses that are now in need of capital to scale.

This is where we come in.

MSquared Companies

  • MSquared Properties (M2P) :: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage with a specialty in the cannabis industry

  • MSquared Ventures (M2V) :: Consulting Services for cannabis companies (business asset purchases + sales)

  • MSquared Holdings (M2H) :: Regenerative commercial real estate development projects specifically tailored to the cannabis industry

  • MSquared Capital (M2C) :: Venture Capital for premium cannabis companies

M2P is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage licensed in the state of Oregon servicing cannabis companies all over the state. M2V started offering business brokerage services back in 2014 to cannabis companies in Oregon and has since expanded its footprint into other legalized states like, Washington, Michigan, California, Nevada, and Missouri to name a few. M2H is called on when eco-sound, regenerative commercial real estate development work is required to make a project fly.

To complete the service loop for cannabis companies here at MSquared Companies, we needed a solution for those clients who weren’t looking to cash out, but were looking to scale up. Through a carefully curated network of capital partners around the world, M2C can now offer clients access to private capital and other premium services which were previously accessible only to the elite.

Welcome to MSquared Capital.




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M2C offers participatory or fee-based fundraising services for qualifying companies. Our sweet spot is early stage, pre-Series A, post-Angel/Friends & Family round. $5M investment minimum. All new applicants are preliminarily screened by our team prior to setting up a discovery call with our key Capital Partners. After a successful call, we move into formal due diligence and deal structuring talks.

presentation advisory

Second only to the investor deck, the live presentation of the deck is an incredibly important skill that all founders need to develop during the fundraising process. M2C also offers fee-based live presentation advisory services for clients who need to develop this critical skill set.

cfo services

M2C now offers a suite of fee-based CFO services for client companies as well. Services include: Financial Strategy, Short/Long-term Forecasting, Systems Strategy + Design, Budgeting, Interpretation of Financial Reports, Capital Structuring, Cash Flow Analysis, Cost-cutting Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting, and much more.

shared intelligence platform

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investor deck development

A tight, well-developed investor deck is critical to the fundraising process. Anyone who has ever built one will tell you that it is both art and science. It must inform, but be brief. It must excite without hubris. It must be comprehensive, but leave the investor still wanting more. For those clients who need assistance putting an actionable investor deck together that does all of these things and more, M2C is here.

predictive analytics engine

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